“Amy was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. She was flexible and patient while it took me longer than expected to finish my manuscript, and once I finally sent it to her, she worked quickly and returned it to me much sooner than I’d expected. Her edits and recommendations made me confident that I have a polished and professional book to share with the world. I’ll definitely be recommending her to anyone looking for an editor!” —Kivrin Wilson, author of Bend

“I wrote a good book, but it wasn’t good enough. I knew it could be better, and I knew making it better was the only way I could get a literary agent. With Amy’s help, I polished my manuscript, and I got an agent. But not just any agent; I got my dream agent. I don’t think that would have happened without Amy’s contribution. She’s everything a writer could possibly want in a line editor and proofreader. She’s dependable, responsive, and accurate, but if I had to use one word to describe her, it would be fabulous.” —Jennifer Duell Popovec, author of BrandedUnzipped, and Riveted.

“I was extremely satisfied with the quality of editing I received. It was tailored to my needs and provided me with insights that were invaluable. I am looking forward to using this service again and would recommend it.” —Eva Maria Hamilton, author of Captured Hearts

“Amy was fast, professional, and very reasonably priced. She made the editing process painless and was quick to answer my questions. I would definitely use Blue Otter Editing Services again!” —Eliza Watson, author of Kissing My Old Life Au Revoir

“I recently hired Amy Knupp of Blue Otter Editing to edit a full length novel manuscript. Amy did an excellent job. Her edits were thorough, easy to understand, and promptly done. Amy is a pleasure to work with and her rates are very reasonable. I highly recommend Amy as an editor.” —Elaine Grant, author of The Caverns

“I enjoy working with Amy at Blue Otter Editing: she’s prompt, professional and reasonably priced. I would highly reccomend her services for anyone thinking of self-publishing their work.” —Laura Scott

“Blue Otter Editing Services handled my most recent novel, THE GIRL WHO CRIED WOLF, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. They were fast, knowledgeable and honest. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again and highly recommend their services.” —Robert Ferrigno

“You were fast and professional. Your edits are spot-on and a must-have as I venture into the indie publishing world.” —Kay Stockham, author of Blind Man’s Bluff

“Thank you for a wonderful job. I enjoyed working with you. Your edits made my writing stronger and better, yet you never tried to change my voice. Your suggestions were great, and you caught many things that my eyes skipped right over. I’ve already recommended you to two friends. I will definitely recommend you to more.” —Edie Ramer, author of Mo’s Heart

“I have added a bunch of new pages per your notes. Just using them has helped me improve the flow and I feel that my manuscript, when finished, will be much more saleable. Using your corrections to the grammar is also proving invaluble and I think it will help me become a much stronger writer in the future.”—Greg Hurley, aspiring author

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