I love words. And grammar. And punctuation rules. Yes, people who know me refer to it as my sickness. I’m okay with that because, well, did I mention I love words?

Publishing has been a big part of my life for twenty years. My pre-Otter background includes experience as a multi-published fiction author for an international publishing company, a line editor for a respected digital-first publishing company, and an account executive for three major metropolitan newspapers.

Growing up, I not only wanted to write, but I wanted to get the commas in the correct places so my English-professor dad wouldn’t make my high school papers bleed. I guess you could say the drive to make writing the best it can be, whether it’s mine or someone else’s, is in my DNA.

Why should you hire me to edit your manuscript?

As I mentioned, I’m an author myself. I understand how important your words are to you and how much work you’ve put into getting them just so. I know firsthand the blood, sweat, and tears that likely went into your writing. I respect your writing for being just that—yours.

My goal is to make your manuscript as professional as possible by giving it a high-quality edit that would meet New York publishing house standards and more, while maintaining your voice, intent, and style. A good edit should allow your readers to get carried away by your content without a thought to grammar or punctuation—if they’re correct, your audience shouldn’t notice them.

I earned a degree with distinction from the University of Kansas William Allen White School of Journalism. I’ve published twelve novels with Harlequin Enterprises, further honing my editing skills by learning from excellent content and line editors there. As a line editor at Samhain Publishing, I edited a wide range of fiction in numerous genres and sub-genres. When it comes to editing, I’m meticulous, deadline-driven, and, as those who know me best would say, verging on obsessive. Bottom line, I adore books and I’d love to help you make your writing the best and most professional it can be.