Professional Editing Services

The publishing world, once staid and predictable, has exploded into all kinds of new possibilities for writers. It used to be that authors either had to spend years trying to get past the publishing gatekeepers or spend big money to have their books available to the masses. Now, if you can write a book, you can publish it.

One of the biggest concerns, now that publishing is so accessible, is quality. If you’ve spent months or years of your life pouring your efforts into a book, you want it to be polished and professional, of a quality as good as or better than books traditionally produced through New York publishing companies. A vital aspect, and probably the most obvious to your readers, is professional editing..

Blue Otter Editing offers copyediting and proofreading services for fiction of all lengths, from short stories to epic novels, as well as non-fiction manuscripts, proposals, promotional materials, etc. If you wrote it and it needs a copyeditor, I’d be happy to help you finalize and polish your pages.